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Consumer privacy networks: A new class of IP address and what it means for businesses


We live–and do business—in a world with residential IPs, business IPs, mobile IPs, corporate, institutional, and government networks, and, of course, anonymous IPs (proxy, VPN, tor).

Efforts to increase consumer privacy on the Internet have led to an emergence of a new class of IP address:  the consumer privacy network, or CPN.

Where do these new IP networks fit in? 

How do they change the rules by which organizations should treat IP addresses in the context of both marketing and trust/safety applications? 

Do CPNs decrease the effectiveness of traditional IP geolocation?

Watch our on-demand webinar to explore the answers to these questions and more, including exclusive data on CPNs, and how to contextualize them within your business strategy and for your specific use case. 

Meet our presenter



Christopher Luna
Product Manager at MaxMind